self build waterproof basement formwork membrane concrete

These are the products I supply because they make basement building easier. I have plenty of stock. You can buy them from me.

This page is just an introduction. Follow the links for more information.
  self build basement

  1. Fibre glass threaded rods, nuts and steel waler plates.

  2. Waterproofing admixture for concrete.

  3. External drainage membrane.
The fibreglass threaded rods support the two sides of wall formwork.

They also glue into concrete underpinning and concrete piles instead of hiring huge single sided formwork.

They replace the usual steel threaded bar in walls that need to be waterproof. Steel bars are always withdrawn leaving holes that need repairing. The fibreglass rods are cut off flush. No holes. No repairs. No mistakes. No leaks.

The waterproofing admixture for concrete is actually just a very powerful water reducer.

There are several brands of admixture, such as Caltite, Pudlo, Sika and Xypex, and they are all added to an already waterproof concrete mix.

I am selling you the same science for less money, because you add my powder to exactly the same already-waterproof concrete mix they do.

You need an admixture or else the waterproof concrete mix would be too stiff to compact properly. What you don't need is the bullshit from sales people.

Some of you are lucky enough to be able to drain the outside of your basement to a soakaway or ditch.

Where the outside of the basement could always be drained free of water you could never have a leak.

My external drainage membrane is made of exactly the same stuff as everyone else'. It is just stronger for less money.

Also, you buy your non woven geotextile filter membrane separately on a long roll and you will find it much easier to install than plastic with filter already attached because with a big sheet you have fewer joints.
threaded basement FRP rods

waterproof concrete basement

external drainage membrane

My rods are cast in so you have no holes to repair or worry you.

My admixture is added to the same mix as the others, for a lot less money, and testing to BS EN 12390 part 8 proves that your concrete is waterproof.

External drainage membrane. Tougher and cheaper than the famous brands. Simply HDPE with 8mm deep bobbles, as are all the others.

The big difference is cost.