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Rendering and/or Tiling Swimming pools.

The specialist swimming pool company, who specialise in pools on holiday parks, that built this pool used ICF then tore the polystyrene off the inner face before they tiled.

basement construction home page     basement construction home page

This strongly suggests:

First: polystyrene covered in tiles is not strong enough to survive swimmers playing rough games;

Secondly: it is cheaper to form walls in ICF than traditional formwork even if you then pay men to tear off half the insulation you paid for.

It is cheaper still to use our resin rod wall formwork which comprises resin threaded rod, glass fibre nuts, scaffold boards and 4x2 timber.

The timber is removed and reused; the nuts are returned for credit and the concrete is left exposed. Much better to inspect the concrete and to tile directly upon it.

Just put the insulation you want, in big cheaper sheets, against the other side of the wall before you backfill.
  waterproof concrete basement resin rod formwork stripped

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